Who Looks good In the Dress? Sithelo or Tamia

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The ongoing comparison between a Andile Mpisane current girl's friend and his former girlfriend seemed to have no end in sight. It would appear that there are certain individuals who have not forgiven Andile's current wife for the fact that she stole Andile away from his former girlfriend Sithelo. People are constantly drawing comparisons between the contemporary wide and the manner that Sithelo used to perform various tasks. People have always had conflicting opinions regarding these two ladies, especially when it comes to the question of which one is more beautiful, and these opinions can be seen all over social media. 

They posted pictures of themselves on social media wearing outfits that were very similar to those they wore during Durban July. The dresses that they were wearing are not exactly the same; rather, they are just very similar to one another. After that, Musa Khawula inquired who appears more attractive while wearing the dress, which sparked a significant amount of discussion on Twitter. There are a variety of points of view regarding who is now looking their best; their photographs are listed here. 


It's sad that over the course of the debate, some people let their emotions get the better of them and started using foul language. Some people have even suggested that Musa is a troublemaker due to the fact that he consistently posts things on social media that cause animosity between celebrities and their fans. Please see the following comment made on social media: 

Both of these girls, in my opinion, have stunning appearances; nevertheless, the majority of their fans dislike the other, which is the primary reason why they constantly attack one another's appearances. Both of them are stunning, and they have such a wonderful appearance. Please share your thoughts with us: which one of these two women do you think appears more lovely wearing this dress? Leave your thoughts here. 

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