Meet the only club Chelsea has never beaten in the history of the premier league


Chelsea is one the biggest premier league club , Chelsea have beat all the premier league teams except this club 'Oldham' the two sides met on four occasions and Oldham wins three out of the match while the remaining match is 1-1 draw.

The only football club, Chelsea have never beat is Oldham , the blues met the club side for two seasons and Oldham leads the blues in their head to head matches , while Oldham wins three match against Chelsea Football club and the left match is draw .

Chelsea has played 48 unique matches in the Premier League since its origin in 1992, and has succeeded basically twice against every one of them. 

Oldham Athletic, then again, stays an exception. 

The Blues have played the Oldham's multiple times previously, losing multiple times and drawing once. 

Throughout these four games, they've surrendered seven objectives and scored just three. 

1. 1992/1993 Premier League season: 

During the Premier League's debut season, Chelsea played Oldham Athletic interestingly. 

After Nick Henry's objective (in the 86th moment) offset Mick Harford's initial objective for Chelsea (in the 84th moment), the game finished in a 1-1 draw. 

The Blues were crushed 3-1 by Oldham Athletic in the season's last match on February 6, 1993 

Scratch Henry (38 minutes), Neil Adams (61 minutes), and Mark Brennan all scored for Oldham to take a 3-0 lead (71 minutes). 

Until Mick Harford scored a late objective for Chelsea. 

Chelsea completed the season in eleventh spot, while Oldham Athletic completed nineteenth. 

2:1993/1994 the two clubs meet again in head association season. 

The two groups met again the following season, with Oldham dispensing much more tension on Chelsea. 

The Oldham dominated the two matches against Chelsea. That is, they won both of their matches against Chelsea this season. 

They stunned Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge prior to crushing the Blues 2-1 in the rematch. 

Chelsea completed fourteenth, while Oldham completed 21st subsequent to being consigned the past season. 

Oldham has so far been not able to restore advancement to the Premier League. 

Chelsea really plays in the second level of English football, so the odds of them revising this measurement are thin. 

Later on, be that as it may, something could occur. 

What might occur if Chelsea at any point gets an opportunity to play Oldham once more? 

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