Big Blow To Parents On Fees As Government Halts Funding For 32000 Students

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The government has halted funding for 32000 university students who have delayed in completing their studies as it carries out an audit.

According to emerging reports, some of these students may have manourvered around the University's internal Systems inorder for them to overstay in the University.

However, there are other cases where students deferred their studies for various reasons.

Universities had requested the gorvenment to continue funding them until they finish, a move that the gorvenment is opposed to until a proper audit of the numbers is done.

The gorvenment cited universities' lack proper mechanisms to verify the data.

The 27 universities with course extensions had presented their data for funding to university funding (UF) which is a body that apportions money to universities.

However the body now says data must first of all be scrutinized before the money is disbursed.

The fresh twist emerged during a consultative meeting in Mombasa between national assembly education Commitee, Ministry of education and vice Chancellors.

The UF's chief executive officer Geofrey Monari in a report told the meeting that ksh 5.5 bn funding for the students has been blocked pending cleaning of data.

“The data we are relying on have been generated manually and they could be inaccurate, and if public fund will be spent then we must be accurate on the numbers we are using to spend public resources,” Monari said as quoted by Saturday standard.

According to the same report by UF, kenyatta university leads with the number of students who have delayed completing their studies due to extension with over 10000 students followed by Nairobi.

However, vice Chancellors argued that there is no policy directing students who repeat calling for more consultations.

The MPs were however concerned by data disparities that universities sent even to helb which have huge Disparities.

Even data sent to the gorvenment on staff numbers for CBA's by universities have inconsistencies.

It will however be a big blow to these students and parents who depend on gorvenment funding for higher education.

Parents will only hold their fingers crossed as they wait for the audit report that will help in unlocking the funding.

Should students who have extended their studies be funded by the exchequer? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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