Date Rush :Start giving me more money if you want things to work - Eunice confesses to Philemon

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Whilst many wished Philemon married Eunice after all the fine hugs and words that they both shared on stage, Philemon has confessed that he is having a hard time with his beautiful date.

According to Philemon, even though Eunice meets his taste, he lost interest after their very first date where he asked the lady about her tatoo and she lied that it was the name of her dad . Philemon said he later discovered that the tatoo was the name of her boyfriend.

According to Philemon, Eunice does not even call him and she expects him to provide too much money for her needs .

When Eunice was asked how she felt about the relationship, her response revealed her intentions. She said , her Rush was off during the show because she did not entirely love Philemon and that she expected Philemon to start showing her money if he wants things to work because she loves a lot of money .

She later admitted that Philemon is a nice guy but does not communicate with her often even though he is from a rich home . She advised him to do the needful if he wants her because she also likes him.

The question is that, does Eunice truly love Philemon or is she a prostitute who works for money ? Viewers are also asking if Eunice has any intentions to get married some day. Your guess is as good as mine .

Philemon has advised Eunice to take it one step at a time and not to rush things.

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