After posting the outfit she is wearing to church, a lady causes a stir.

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A church is a sacred place of worship where people go to pray to their god and express gratitude for being alive and breathing. This is a sacred space that must be respected at all times, and people must never forget why they attend church.

There is a dress code for attending to church, and even while churches are open to everybody, they must all obey the church and its regulations. A woman created quite a stir online after she posted a photo of herself wearing this out right here with the comment "on her way to church."

It's unclear whether she planned to change into a more acceptable costume for church after the photo was taken or whether she was already dressed for church in that manner. There are several churches around the world, and I'm not sure which one she attends that allows female worshippers to dress in such attire.

Some church elders, both female and male, have been seen on film driving some female church members out of the church for their unsuitable clothing choices. This causes people to argue about whether it is appropriate for a church to chase people away for dressing the way they want. In all honesty, a person has six days a week to wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in, but at least one day a week dress appropriately if you want to go to church.

People crowded her comments section to question her which church she attends dressed in the way she is dressed, proving that the way she was dressed and saying that she was going to church was highly unique.

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