"I Cancelled A ksh 700, 000 Show Because they Misspelled my Name" Vicmass LuoDollar Says

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One of the famous and wealthy Luo musician Vicmass LuoDollar, has caused stir online after saying publicly that, he was forced to cancel a show worth ksh 700,000 because the promoters of the shows Misspelled his name.

LuoDollar said that his name must be pronounced very well and it has a very deeper meaning and no one is allowed to mess around with it.

Below is the screenshot of LuoDollar's words.

Here is the link to the full video on Instagram


LuoDollar said that the posters of promoting his show were written on his name but they forgot one letter, and this according to him, was not his name, so he was not the one on the poster and that is why he decided to cancel the show, despite the fact that it was worth that amount of money, he said even if it is 10 million he could have still cancelled.

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