"I Have Strong Ground With Dubai Police And Dubai Courts, Hand Go Touch Maria Very Well" - Jaruma

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The popular internet business woman Known as "Jaruma" has taken to her handle to declare a public interest on Maria's case. Jaruma is known to be a business women who sells many things online and offline. She sells waste bead, love charms and the rest of them. She is a very successful woman whose business has taken all over the world.

Jaruma has tweeted that she can't believe that Maria actually slept with a married man and still have the guts to threaten his wife. She assured Chief Priest and Iheme that if they need help in Dubai they should count her in. She said she is currently in Dubai and she has connections with Dubai Police and Dubai courts. In her exact words, "Jaruma is in Dubai and Jaruma has strong ground with Dubai Police and Dubai Courts, so if you need an extra hand, count me in." She went further to say that hand must touch Maria very well which means that she will be dealt with accordingly.

See people's reactions.

Somebody said that Jaruma is selling love charms for women to hold people's husband's, yet she wants to fight for a woman whose husband was snatched.

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