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Last Picture of Castro before his demise will make you extremely upset (see photographs)

Castro enduring an onslaught is a vocalist who is loved, cherished, regarded, and appreciated in media outlets.

His voice was unmistakable and remarkable from the other world's entertainers. Castro went lost on the Ada River in the wake of visiting the hotel with his allies to have a good time.

Prior to Castro's inconvenient demise on the Ada River, Asamoah Gyan, Baffour Gyan, and others were with him. Castro disappeared on July 6, 2014, and under Ghanaian regulation, in the event that an individual stays missing for quite a long time without any endeavors to recuperate him, the individual may be considered dead.

As per Asamoah Gyan, before Castro and his lady companion Janet Bandu set off on the Ada River, his sibling Baffour Gyan asked Castro not to ride the fly ski to the side of the ocean where he disappeared, yet the vocalist disregarded him and drove him away with his woman companion.

These was the last photo shot of the artist on the Ada River, which carried Ghanaians and his admirers to tears.

Look at them.


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