Electric Motorcycles in Kenya You Should Consider Buying


In Kenya, motorcycles are an important part of our economy. The total number of registered motorcycles are currently over 1.6 million. Most of these motorcycles are used for public transport, making them vital for the Kenyan economy.

Born in Sweden, Designed in Kenya

Opibus is a Swedish company which made its way to Kenya in 2017. Opibus has designed, developed and build motorcycles in Nairobi’s industrial area. The motorcycle designed is specially made to suit Kenyan needs which are mainly for Bodaboda use. They are currently scaling up production which is fully Kenyan designed and produced to tap the huge market.

The Motorcycle Specifications

Their new model is set to be released in Kenyan market in late 2021. The bike will have a maximum range of 160 km which is divide over the two interchangeable battery packs.

The Electric bike will have a maximum speed of 90km/h which is enough for a motorcycle and a starting price close to ordinary petrol motorcycle of about Ksh.130,000

It is estimated that the running cost will be half that of gasoline bikes which makes it a better alternative.

Why Buy Opibus Motorcycles

Opibus Motorcyles are specifically great for taxi operations or personal daily use. They have a carrying capacity of 200 kgs without compromising on the kilometre range.

With the swappable battery, you don’t have to waste time waiting as the bike charges. You can easily swap the battery at a swap station or at home with a fully charged one.

It has two batteries so what can be charging while using the other or both.

The bikes have digital controls for easier use. There is a charger included which you can use as home.

Opibus Electric bikes are cost friendly. With the purchase price being same as the ordinary gasoline bikes, you will be glad to know that their maintenance cost is half. This is will save you a lot of money.

Opibus motorcycles have use a powerful motor capable of reverse. Yes, these bikes will come with a reverse gear.

For the sake of the environment, if you considering buying a Motorcycle, choose electric Motorcycles.

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