Never Throw This Away Again See 10 Uses of Silica Gel That Saves You Thousands of Naira

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Have you ever wondered what white silica is used for?

When you buy new shoes or a bag, you may notice a white bag inside called Silica Gel, which is also found in the boxes of electrical appliances and other items. So, what is the purpose of silica and is it toxic?

In truth, these white bags contain silica gel, which is used to absorb moisture in shoe and tool containers as well as to eliminate foul odors.

However, it has considerably more applications!

Here are several compelling reasons why Silica Gel should not be discarded.

1- Use a silica bag to get rid of bacteria:

Because clothing and shoes are prone to bacteria and bad odors when stored for a long period with high humidity in the air, placing a silica bag between them and the air reduces bacteria and smells.

2- Get rid of stale odors in your vehicle:

By placing multiple silica bags in the sidewalls of the automobile, one of the most essential functions of the white silica bag is to get rid of foul odors and high humidity inside the car.

3- Recover your phone or any other water-damaged device:

If your phone falls into water, dry it with a towel before removing the battery and memory card and placing them in a plate with silica bags to save it.

4- Store the images for a longer period of time:

Because photos are susceptible to moisture damage, include a silica bag in the box with the photos, or connect the images with a silica bag to protect them from the wet environment.

5- preserving critical papers is one of the uses for silica gel:

Simply lay a bag of silica with crucial papers such a birth certificate, marriage contract, land and real estate titles to preserve them from damage.

6- Keep unwanted odors and mould away from drapes, towels, and other textile materials:

When storing fabric items for an extended period of time, it is better to use silica bags to protect them from moisture and odor.

7- Keep unwanted garments, coats, and seasonal apparel in the following places:

To protect your garments from moisture and mould, place silica bags in your cupboard and between them.

8- Glass and mirror moisture absorption:

Place silica bags on or near the corners of the windows to absorb moisture and keep them from air cooling.

9- Keeping electrical and household appliances in good working order:

Because some equipment in the house is rarely used, it must be protected from moisture, dust, and damage by storing it in silica bags. The toolbox and cabinets are additionally protected against corrosion with silica bags.

10- Use the razors for a longer period of time:

Wetness and oxidation are two of the applications for silica gel. Make razors rust, then place them in a plastic bag with silica bags to keep them from rusting too soon.

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