9 Ways To A Happy Life


Happiness is interpreted differently by everyone. Although happiness is hard to achieve in this stress related world, there are ways to make it possible.

1.Self love

There is a 100 percent chance that you’ll never be happy if you do not love who you are; your strength, physique and weaknesses. Self love is the key to becoming happy. The moment you accept yourself together with your flaws, you’ll be able to progress without being pulled down by what people say about you.

2. Have A Plan For Life

What do you what to do?, who do you want to be in the next five years?. You can only be Happy and enjoy life if you have the things in your life organized.

• Think of your dream career

• Write the steps down and take steps to make them happen

• Manage your time very well. As the saying goes, time is money. Also ensure that everything you set to achieve is accomplished

3. Eat Healthy

The kind of food you eat determines your output.

• Food high in sugar and starch should be brought to a minimum. Also the intake of highly processed or deep fried foods should be reduced.

• Food rich in vegetables, beans and whole grains is much better and therefore should be encouraged.

• Most importantly, water which is needed by the body should be taken much often.

4.Have Enough Sleep

How many hours do you sleep?, your body needs about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep help to refresh your body and mind. Having enough sleep helps to regain loss strength and prepares your body for work. When ever your body feels weak, take a nap. Sleep helps to prevent certain ill health like headache, stress and body pains.

5.Take care of your body

How you look contribute to your happiness. Basic hygiene like bathing, trimming and clothing should be observed. You tend to feel good and confident mainly by how you look.


Loneliness kill a lot, you can not attain happiness all by yourself. You should therefore make friends to release any sense of loneliness. Having that friend to talk to, encourage you when you’re down and be there for you when the need arises, help to release stress and make you happy.

7.Let Go Of Grudges

Harboring grudges and hatred towards people makes you angry all the time and unable to focus on the things that matters. You should therefore learn to forgive even when you’re not at fault. When someone wrong you, you should make it known to the person. Letting go helps to move on, relax and happy.

8.Be Grateful 

Sometimes are dreams may not come true or turn out the way we expected. That does not mean you should envy or fight for the things are not yours. Learning to be grateful for what you have and living within your income, promote happiness. It enables you to work hard to achieve your desires.


Saving helps to achieve the things that makes you happy. Luxury can only be obtain when you’ve got money to spend. The little amount of money you save ensures a high standard of living, thereby making you happy in the long run.

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