Pearl Modiadie and Donald get candid about their relationship

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Now This is the situation no one wants to find themselves in. We all want to look better and actually do better than the people we used to be in relationships with.

But sometimes though, like in Donald’s case, exes look better and do much better than they were with us.

Donald shared with his followers how his ex used to look good after breakup

"My ex used to look better with every break up.. I couldn’t cope with my friends sending me her insta pics to remind me what I once had

niggas ain’t shit actually."

His ex girlfriend media personality Pearl Modiadia responded to him, " You don't know what you have, until its gone."

Pearl made it clear that she dated Donald but he was not talking about her, as she says she always look amazing whether she is in a relationship or not.

Well Donald ended up regretting tweeting about his ex as he did not expect Pearl to respond to his Tweet.

The two dated before and after fame. They ended their on and off relationship in 2015.

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