'Mbona Ulitafuta Amber If Your Wife is a Vibe?' Internet Erupts After Jimal Posted This.


Jimal Rohosafi has caused an uproar on Social media after he posted a tiktok video on Instagram and tagged his first wife, Amira. On the video, the matatu boss was seen lip singing a Muslim song. A woman's voice was also heard, a voice which Jimal tended to make his fans believe that is his first wife's voice. On the video shared on Instagram feeds and stories, Jimal captioned it as 'my wife is such a vibe'. This did not resonate well with his fans as they started attacking him afterwards.

Jimal made the post and tagged her first wife Amira, she did not fail to respond. She wrote 'Mashallah' on the comment section. Other Instagram users flooded Jimal's comment section asking him why he looked for Amber Ray to be his second wife when he already had a wife who is a vibe. The matatu boss also said that his wife is his best friend, that which his followers refused to accept. They asked how many best friend he has as Amber Ray also claims that she is his best friend. Here are comments on Jimal's post:

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