Uhuru, Raila Suffer Another Setback After High Court Put Another Road Block For BBI Report


The road for Constitutional amendments us getting rough and unpredictable. This is after the high court barred President Uhuru Kenyatta from signing into laws the proposed changes in the 2010 Constitution through the infamous BBI Report. The journey to have the amendment go through started day one when the Deputy President William Ruto Showed different Signal and even chose a different path different from his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta. The information has been shared by former employee of Statehouse Denis Itumbi who is a close Ally to the Deputy President William Ruto.

However, it seems the Deputy President was not the only roadblock to the BBI report. This is after the high court gave an injunction barring the president from signing the report into law in case it passes in the Parliament. The last stage of a bill after going through the legislative arm of the Government is presidential assent. Immediately the bill is signed by the Head of State it automatically becomes a law.

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