Reasons why boarding schools in Senior High School must be cancelled.


There are some reasons why the boarding section should be canceled in high schools funded by our country. Now we can start a quiet national dialogue. 1. Ghana can afford boarding schools, which are an important part of its national education system. We cannot afford it and do not want to admit that it puts us in danger. 2. Since some countries introduced national education more than a thousand years ago, no country in the world believes that boarding schools are a necessary component. 3. This fact covers the most populous, richest, and most powerful countries on our planet: these countries and almost everywhere in China, Japan, the United States, and Russia.

Secondary schools cover 90% to 95% of the population and are free during the day. In addition to the confusion, they also solved the problem by calling the boarding school a public school and operating it as a private institution. The British who introduced us to the model never tried to use it in their state system. 5. Even to us, the British meant that shipping was a temporary measure to establish a local nucleus to help them run the Gold Coast as a colonial country. 6. Unfortunately, after independence, we not only continued to address it as part of the national education system but also allowed it to expand to a level that is currently unmanageable.

We can boldly say that before the current government launched the free SHS program, state aid covered less than 30% of Ghana's children. The remaining 70% or more of us are abandoned in poor areas in rural and urban areas. 8. The professional and business elites of this country insist that Ghanaians and the country promise to provide accommodation and food for their children when they are best able to meet their physical needs, regardless of the consequences. It is also worth noting that at this stage in their lives, young people eat like rabbits. That was the first African country captured.

In some or most coeducational institutions, principals and teachers share girls as special stables for private use. 10. In recent weeks, Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare, Director-General of Ghana Health Services, has worked hard to show us that our boarding schools now threaten the health of our young people as well. 11. In any group of healthy boys and girls, age years are about personal biology and the exploration of different sexual behaviors, especially in an encouraging environment, so boarding schools have always been a space for homosexuals to grow up. 12. Yet insisting that homosexuality is bad, and while treating boarding schools as the only place where we and children of other ethnic groups can receive a worse education, is further proof of the most dangerous form of hypocrisy. in the past of our government. And now they are asking for a ransom for this issue. About us?