Huge Gap Between Gachagua And Martha Karua Shows Clear Winner For Ruto And Raila As Per Latest Polls

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The 2022 elections put two political heavy weights into a test as Raila take on Ruto head on. The elections also seems to be historical as for the first time the central region will have a running mate irregardless of who will win the elections.

The two main rivals have formidable parties and coalitions which will enable them to clinch the seat. While Raila led Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition boasts of over 20 parties, Ruto's Kenya Kwanza has about ten small parties combined together. However, that's not enough. The effect or impact of their running mates play a major role in their journey to statehouse.

The Standard Group Company which is a well-known Media Company conducted an opinion polls across the country so as to gauge the impact of the two running mates. According to the latest polls released today (5/7/2022), Martha Karua leads with 49% as compared to Rigathi Gachagua at 30%. The 21% are still undecided.

The Standard Polls shows that Martha Karua is likely to attract more votes as compared to former Mathioya member of Parliament Hon. Gachagua. As a result, Raila has an upper hand heading to the August election.

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