Finance Ministry Finally Speaks On E-levy Cancellation -Details Drop

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But since government announced its intent to turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance, there have been several arguments on whether the Ghanaian government should preserve or repeal the E-Levy.

Some argue that the government previously offered Ghanaians the option of E-Levy in order to avoid going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Some believe that the E-Levy should be scrapped in light of the government's announcement that it will seek asylum with the IMF.

E-Levy is here to stay, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance to end the debates and issues surrounding it.

"Despite its request for economic assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the government will not cancel the 1.5 percent electronic transaction fee," read a statement from the Finance Ministry. "The Government is dedicated to ensuring that all taxes, as well as the e-levy, are properly implemented so that the government may continue to support its development goals on their own while ensuring that the tax-to-GPD ratio grows to the peer range of 16 percent to 18 percent."

The debate on the E-Levy is finished now that the government has stated its position. E-Levy revenue isn't meeting expectations, so they're going to look into it further.

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