4th Year University Student Mysteriously Vanishes, Mystery on His Whereabouts As Family Seeks Help.

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Anxiety and suspense have struck one family after their son went missing under mysterious circumstances.Githinji Ndurumo a middle aged gentleman is student at Multi Media university.His family is now pleading for help from well wishers as well as the security department so as to investigate his whereabouts.Indeed information about his missing has been reported at the police station and analysis is currently ongoing.Photo(Courtesy)

The Multimedia University fraternity has also tried trace him but in vain.Cases of students missing has however been a major challenge in Kenya.Kidnapping and human trafficking is sometimes linked with such cases.Moreover peer influence among the youths contributes to individuals going missing especially the ladies.This is as a result of increased school dropouts and influence of early marriages.The government should however establish means to curb cases of insecurity that are associated with incidences of people missing.However any information regarding the whereabouts of this university student should be reported at the nearest police station. https://www.facebook.com/1447279502262775/posts/3211279879196053/?app=fbl

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