LEAKED MESSAGES| Female Student Threatened Before She Gets Stabbed At School For Being Clever

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Growing up, most children are warned about the dangers of taking food from their peers, whether they are at school or home. This is mainly because most parents fear that their children will be victims of jealous friends, especially if the child is excelling in their academics or if they come from a wealthy family.

Shockingly, it seems that parents have a point because some competitive children do not celebrate when others are achieving at school. According to several reports, a female learner from Ekurhuleni West College has been murdered outside her school premises by a male learner, and her only sin is that she qualified in all her modules so she could write her final examination.

This did not sit well with the jealous learner who got angry and plotted to kill the female learner after school hours. He then stabbed her to death in front of other learners.

In a heated conversation between the deceased and the suspect, the male learner threatened her and told her that she will not write her exam, that she will go to the hospital while he is in prison, and as soon as he is released, she will work for him for the rest of her life.

This incident has shocked the whole country, and as condolences, messages are pouring in for the grieving family, people are also demanding justice for Mbali Hlongwane and for the suspect to be brought to book.

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The public is sad to learn about the tragic passing of Mbali, and many people are saying that some men continue to kill women, that women are not safe and Gender-Based Violence is getting out of hand.

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The government needs to fight for women and bring back the harshest punishment against anyone who murders innocent people. Capital punishment is the only answer to protect women and children.

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