How to Respond to Cold Shoulder Treatment in Your Relationship


Silent treatment has always been considered a strong weapon during disagreements. However, in a marriage relationship, silent treatment may mark the beginning of a downfall. Mature adults are always expected to find ways of handling their issues before they get out of hand. No one is perfect and that means issues, fights and disagreements are expected in a relationship at some point. The following are ways to handle silent treatment

Take time off

In case of an argument and you find that your anger is escalating, you can choose to walk away. Have a few minutes to yourself and then try talking to your partner about the issue at hand.

Set boundaries 

This happens when your partner comes to you accepting he gave you the silent treatment and he is sorry. Forgive but make them understand that you too have your principles. If he keeps crossing them then you might have to reconsider the union.

Offer solutions 

When solving issues, focus on giving solutions than engaging in a blame game. The blame game will continue and nothing will change. 


If you realise you are wrong, be sorry and apologise. It is not good to use silent treatment to manipulate your partner who you consider weak.