Wakadinali: Kenya's best hip hop group?


Wakadinali Are hip hop music group from the Eastlands area around Nairobi, Kenya.

Consisting of rappers:-

Scar mkadinali-Churchil Mandela

, Domani munga,

SewerSyder:- Sewer sydaa

The Group was formed in 2003

The group was formed by Scar and Domain, and SewerSyder. Joined them later on.

The group’s musical journey started in 2003 thanks to Scar and Domani who rapped at tender ages. They struggled to make it big, and fought stiff competition from renowned artistes in the genre. Their efforts went unnoticed for a long time, but this did not pull them down. The group continued producing songs, and eventually secured their places in the Kenyan HipHop music scene. At the moment , Wakadinali is one of the most followed music groups among the youth, as most resonate with their songs

Among there best songs include Avoid those people featuring various. Artist including Breeder and Extra pressure.

The group’s hard work and determination has seen them work with the likes of; Khaligraph Jones, Abbas, Blanco, Twenty Eights, Dyana Codes Boutrous among others.

In 2019 during the first Unkut HipHop awards, the group bagged a total of 7 awards including; best Rap Group 2019, Best Album, Song and Collabo of the Year.

Keeping up with individual members of a group, and getting to know how each one of them is doing, is not easy, for this reason very limited information is available on the lives of individual members of the group.

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