Meet The Youngest Nollywood Actresses In Nigeria

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Nollywood industry has produced many actresses, and they are still hiring others. Nollywood has changed the lives of many celebrities, especially those who have been acting since childhood. There are great young girls in Nigeria, and they are acting very well. Let us look at some girls in Nollywood, and we will how they are doing.

1. Angel Unigwe.

Chika Ike gave birth to Angel Unigwe, and she raised her very well. Angel Unigwe was blessed with a beautiful face, and many people are admiring her. She was born in the year 2008, therefore she has reached 13 years now. 

Angel Unigwe has acted in movie called the three wives, and she impressed many viewers. Many of her fans always encourage her a lot, because they want her to prosper in life. Her mother introduced her into acting, and she didn’t disappoint her. 

Angel Unigwe started acting in the year 2013, and she has risen so fast. She has ventured into other professions also, therefore she is focusing on the future. She does modelling, and she has succeeded in it. Modelling job has worked for her, because she has a beauty that can make a man to go crazy.

2. Chinenye Oguike.

She has two sisters, and they are almost the same age. They are always known by people as the Oguike sisters, and the became famous recently. Chinenye Oguike has a beautiful face, therefore you can easily mistake her with an angel.

She was born in the year 2011, and she started her career earlier. She acted a movie called My Kids and I, and they acted very well. She became very popular from that point, and she acted together with her sisters in that movie.

She has acted in a movie called Soulmate, and she really acts very well. This lady has a bright future, therefore we should support her in everything.

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