Governor Hires his Brother's Expensive Firm to Fly his Family When They Wish at the Taxpayers Cost


A file photo of a chopper waiting to fly a politician.

A governor is in hot soul after it emerged that he has been running his county administrative duties from Nairobi and not his headquarters within his remote county.

Axcording to details, he has not only deserted his county but has also gone ahead to hire an expensive aircraft firm to be flying his family from their home county to Nairobi at the expense of the public money in firm of tax.

As if that is not enough, it has emerged that the aircraft firm belongs to his brother and hence the reason that politicians from his county have now threatened to expose him fir his evil deeds.

"It all started with the county boss insisting on having his family flown to Nairobi and back, courtesy of taxpayers', whenever they please. It dawned on the county officials the governor had specified the type of aircraft to fly his family back and fro,"part of the exposé states.

County taxpayers are said to have lost millions of shillings all in the name of the governor flying his family using the expensive chopper firm linked to one of his brothers.

Incase the county politicians go ahead with their threat, it means that the governor will risk losing his job incase the County Assembly opts to impeach him from his lucrative position.

This comes at a time when the Auditor General madam Nancy Gathungu has been putting red lights on several counties for mismanaging county public funds for personal gains.