Meet The Nigerian Comedian Who You Might Not Know Is A Naval Officer

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When we talk of successful comedians in Nigeria we can't help but talk about Abdulgafar Ahmed Oluwatoyin. Many know him with the name "Cute Abiola" who normally post Comedy Skit posing as "Lawyer Kunle". His career as a comedian started early by posting comedy skits on his Instagram page.

Cute Abiola is not just a comedian, he is an actor and a cinematographer. The comedian has successfully created a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Though he is a very successful entertainer many don't know him as a Naval Officer. 

Cute Abiola joined the Military on 7th March 2018. Though combining comedy and this career might have not been easy, it seems like the path he chose is paying off for him. This is evident as he has made several appearances both as a comedian and an actor. Cute Abiola is the epitome of hard work and dedication.

Cute Abiola is known popularly for playing Lawyer Kunle in comedy skits. He has created a niche for himself both on Instagram and in the entertainment world. He has also worked with prominent comedians like Officer Woos, Nasty Blaq, and Tacoma.

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