Find out everything about talented Cynthia Morgan!


Cynthia Morgan is a breath of fresh air for Nigerian music, and she is a rather ambiguous personality. Who is Cynthia Morgan and why did she become famous? What do we know about her and what are the details of her personal life? Let's checkout some details on Cynthia Morgan's biography and interesting facts from her life.

Who's Cynthia Morgan?

Cynthia Morgan was born on September 23, 1991, in Benin, which is located in the South of Nigeria. She is a composer and performer. If we talk about the genre of her work, this can be called a mixture of pop, hip-hop, rap and dance hall. It should be noted that Cynthia has an alter-ego (just like Lady Gaga), whose name is Killa Marshal. Killa represents all the craziest, sassiest and raw part of Cynthia.

Morgan recorded her first album at the age of 16 while living in her hometown of Benin city, Cynthia began to get involved in music at 3 years. First, Cynthia sang in the children's choir, then the youth choir, and then she got into the Christian Union choir.

Cynthia's mother raised her alone. At a point she became a popular gospel artist in Benin city.

en Cynthia turned 16, she decided that it was time for her to start doing music professionally. At the age of 17, she released her first single, and it immediately gained popularity and recognition of Nigerian fans.

In 2008 Cynthia moved to Lagos, to have the opportunity to build a career and develop as a musician. She did not go to the University since she took a break to concentrate on her music career.

In 2010 she performed at the Nigerian Entertainment Award with winning Jhybo. This gave her recognition in the music industry.

Cynthia Morgan's music career

Popularity came to Cynthia after the release of her singles titled "Don't Break My Heart," "Lead Me On", "I am Taken", and the others. Her name became familiar to fans of the music industry in Nigeria.

P-Square saw her performance with Jyhbo, and they liked it very much. They met in Atlanta in 2012, and they immediately became big fans of Cynthia Morgan’s songs, and so their working relationship began to develop. Soon, Cynthia was signed to Jude Okoye's record label.

After a slight rebranding of her image and sound, she released follow-up singles, which were warmly received by her fans in Nigeria.

In 2012, Cynthia released the single titled "High High High," and it received positive reviews from critics. They later pointed out that in this work Cynthia revealed all her sides, such as singing, rapping, and Partua flow.

On August 2013 Cynthia Morgan signed to a record label Northside Entertainment Inc. owned by P-Square's brother Jude 'Engees' Okoye. A few months later, the singer released two singles titled "Don't Break My Heart" and "Lead Me On", which topped the charts and also received accolades from the fans. The single "Lead Me On" was nominated for "Best Reggae/Dancehall Single" at The Headies i 2014.

In 2014 Cynthia released another single titled "I'm Taken," which was also loved by the fans, and the video for this song trended on YouTube. Of course, Cynthia did not relax after such a success. In 2015 she released another single titled "German Juice," due which made her her fan-base and popularity increase dramatically; 2015 was a successful year for her career.

However, Cynthia is known not only for her music but also due to her photos and posts on social media. Cynthia loves to share edgy and candid photos with her subscribers. Cynthia is also known for her fashion, and some even say that she bought a particular wristwatch for 12 million Naira. However, it is still unknown whether it's true or not.

Synthia won a couple of awards, and she got a bunch of big nominations such as Headies and some more. Also, she won the nomination for Best New Artist at the South African Music Awards in 2014.