How to clean your baby's ears

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Earwax is a sticky, gooey substance that forms inside the ear. It is made up of dead skin cells and is released by glands located in the ear's lining. Earwax, as annoying as it is, is an indication of your baby's physiology being normal and it is also the body's natural way of keeping water or infections from entering the body.

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When babies' ears become irritated, they begin rubbing and pulling them, and sometimes they put their fingers inside their ears to scratch them in other to find comfort. This is a common reaction to earwax build-up in the ear and there is no need to panic because it does not cause a fever or sleeping problems.

Here are ways to clean your baby's ears

1 Making Use of a Washcloth

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Using a soft washcloth bathed in warm water is the easiest approach to remove earwax. To begin, soak the washcloth in warm water and wring out any extra water, then use it to clear any earwax that has trickled beyond the baby's ear by wiping around the outer portion of the ear. You must also avoid pushing the washcloth into the ear canal.

2 Use Ear Drops for Babies

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If the build-up is severe, ear drops may be required. Make sure you use the ear drops that your baby's physician has suggested, before using them calm your baby by keeping him occupied with an activity, or choose a time of day when your infant is normally quiet and rested.

Place your child on your lap with the blocked ear facing you and fill the ear with the drops. Allow the solution to settle inside the ear for a few minutes and this will soften the wax in the canal, allowing it to drain out. After that, soak a washcloth in warm water, wring off the excess water, and clean up any excess drops or wax that has escaped the ear.

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