Ghana's Economic Ship Is Sinking. Where Is Dr. Bawumia?

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It is almost incontestable now, that, Ghana's economic situation is in a bad state. The fact that, all the parameters are taking a nose dive, and every aspect of the macro and microeconomics are pointing to the wrong directions looks to be the truth by the defeaning silence of the government.

it is only fair that, at this point, we call on the one who took our votes by presenting himself as the "almighty" of economic solutions.

Dr. Bawumia, the economic 'messiah', who seems to have all the solutions to the country's problems, has gone dead silence, leaving only the experts telling us the dooms.

Perhaps, the sugar coated words and sloganeering cannot make any difference now. The real facts on the ground are exposing him. He is missing in action. 

Debt. Clearly, the government has over borrowed. Debt is swallowing the country's purse. Interest payment and amortization have skyrocketed. The economy is simply unbalanced. That is the situation, and no amount of political machinations and voodoo calculations could change this stake reality. 

It is time for real action. More importantly, it is time for the truth. Lies at this stage, or surface dressing of issues, will only worsen the matter. This is because, fuel prices will keep increasing, the CEDI will keep depreciating, prices of goods will rise, and pockets of Ghanaians will get depleted. These and many more practical economic realities will result. 

Ghana is now at 83% of debt to GDP. International rating agencies have downgraded us. We are no longer creditworthy. These are the international outlook of Ghana. Anything that would be said by the government contrary to this will be a deception. 

We therefore call on the Veep, who seems to know more than any other person in Ghana when it comes to economic management, to come forward and state the direction of the country per this gloomy picture.

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