"What's Your Weakness?" How Marete Intelligently Answered After Complaining Its Hard


The Judicial Service Commission is at it again this time looking for a Supreme court judge after recommending Lady Justice Martha Koome to the president to be the Chief Justice. The supreme court judge post went vacant after Justice Ojwang retired. Today, third May, was Justice Marete and Chitembwe's turn to face the panel in the interviews. Justice Marete's midmorning Interview was the last today after Chitembwe was interviewed in the morning.

During Marete's grilling, the judge was asked by Commissioner Evalyne Olwande what he considered his weakness to be. This question seemingly caught the overly straightforward judge off guard and he was even speechless initially. As simple as the question seems, the judge hovered around, fumbled, complained about how difficult the question was and even asked that he should be given more time to think. He then intelligently answered the question saying that he has a personal weakness at his home which is that he is short tempered. A trait he added he was dealing with.

"What do you consider to be your weakness and what have you done to remedy it," asked the commissioner.

"Now that is a difficult question...they are rare...give me more time to think about it. In the Judiciary...maybe not. In relation to myself, at home I am short tempered but it goes away instantly. In these situations, you cannot fight out and win when they arrive," said judge Marete.

From this interview, one can evidently see how a question of what is your weakness is always a tricky one (although common) during the interview process. So difficult and challenging is the four-word question that even the honorable judge with his experience and knowledge, hesitated to answer.

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