I am Now a Born Again Christian:Nana Agradaa Confesses


Life can suddenly give you twists and turns and make you make some sharp turn in life that you never expected. Same can be said about the infamous fetish priestess Nana Agradaa. The past few days have been challenging for her as she was detained in Police custody over her 'Sika Gari' rituals on live television.

In a latest turn of events after her release from police custody, Nana Agradaa has confessed she is now a repented Christian, a born anew Christian. She said this decision was made even prior to her recent issues after a personal encounter with God. She acclaimed herself now as Evangelist Oduro Boateng.

It is to be noted that her husband, Pastor Oduro Boateng is a well known Pastor and it isn't surprising that her wife has now joined her. Nana Agradaa revealed that she isn't surprised with her issues because the gods were against her conversion and threatened to make a mess for her.

In life nothing is impossible. If Nana Agradaa, a devout Idolist could make such a huge turn, it really proves that God can really do everything. What God cannot do doesn't exist!

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