ICC: New Trouble For DP Ruto as ICC Finds Alleged Evidence that Risks New Court Battle at The Hague

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Lawyer Paul Gicheru's case at the Hague based International Criminal Court has now taken a new twist. This is after the prosecution found alleged evidence which claims that DP William Ruto was involved in the corruption of the witnesses. The court claims that this interrupted the case that was facing DP Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang.

In a report by the Daily Nation, it states that the latest brief at the ICC which was signed by the Deputy Prosecutor James Stewart and submitted to the court on November 22, 2021 states that the Deputy President William Ruto was directly involved in the sabotage of the pattern of witnesses. The brief adds that the interference of witnesses was carried out in coordination with William Samoei Ruto for his own benefit - report says.

This is the very first time the Deputy President William Ruto has been directly named to have planned and coordinated means of disrupting witnesses in his case. Initially, the Deputy President William Ruto's name was redacted and the prosecution has never named him or associated him with the corruption of witnesses. However, the prosecution had initially associated lawyer Paul Gicheru, Philip Bett and Walter Barasa with bribery of witnesses.

The naming of the Deputy President William Ruto by the prosecution could put him in an awkward place as he continues with his campaigns for the next year's general election. This however signals a looming court battle between DP Ruto and the International Criminal Court if the Hague based ICC will prove the case.

More details say that the Deputy President William Ruto also risks facing new charges of influencing a witness using corrupt means under article 70 (1) c. More details also allege that this could also revive the DP’s case which had been closed at the International Criminal Court. In addition to this, the prosecution categorizes the case of witnesses interruption as conduct crime.

This comes while lawyer Paul Gicheru is also facing charges where new submissions at the ICC indicates that he together with other associated persons were directly involved in effort to identify, locate as well as contact the witnesses so that they could renounce their evidence.

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