Uproar After BodaBoda Guy Is Spotted Dangerously Carrying Kids in Thika [PHOTO]


Kenyans on social media (Facebook) were left talking after what a 'BodaBoda' rider was spotted doing on Monday 28th of June in the morning hours along Thika Road.

This comes after a 'BodaBoda' rider was caught on camera risking school going kids lives by carrying 4 of them in a busy road having one of them hanging on the far end of the bike's carrier.

(Photo Courtesy/Facebook)

According to Thika Road Town-3T who divulged the account (Photo) through their official Facebook page, parents should never allow their children to be ferried to school in such a risky manner.


In the last few months in Kenya, 'BodaBoda' riders have been hitting headlines over dissimilar accounts including careless driving among others which have lead to loss of their lives and other motorist's.

However, Kenyans had different opinions over the Thika Road 'BodaBoda' rider including the following in screenshots;

What is your opinion over this matter? Do you think the 'BodaBoda' rider is doing this due to the harsh economy?

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