CJ Martha Koome Speaks About Elections And The Fate Of Impeached Leaders.

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For some few days, there has been a question about the impeached leaders who now want to run for office after appealing. This is after the DPP Noordin Haji spoke on the case of Mike Sonko who wants to run for Mombasa gubernatorial seat after being impeached and other leaders.

Speaking today morning on spice FM interview, Chief Justice Martha Koome has commented on the impeachment of leaders. According to him, one remains impeached even after appealing.

"You remain impeached or sentenced as a leader even after appealing." Martha Koome commented.

Martha Koome also added that the judiciary needs to be diminishified inorder for the people to get justice. Also, the judiciary funds needs to be distributed on time.

This comes after many cases have backlogged on the various courts due to delays while other cases are involving the leaders who are in power and needs to be done very fast.

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