SAD PHOTOS: Campaign Motorbikes Hidden In Bush And Left To Rot.


Newly found images of several motorbikes have popped up from the Eastern region which has gotten several citizens worried.

The bikes are allegedly campaign bikes that will be shared among the Ghanaian citizens who will be eligible to vote in 2024 when Ghana faces the polls.

The saddest thing is that these bikes have been hidden in the bush facing the constant scorching sun and the heavy rains and have been left to rot in the name of politics.

This has been the situation every four years when Ghana is about to enter the polls. Particularly with the two major political parties in the country, mother bikes and other essential items are shared just to win the vote of the citizens, even after the various campaign promises that will be made during rallies, etc before the main elections. 

We hope these bikes will be rescued and be used for different purposes that serve the motherland right. 

See photos below: