Importance of wholegrain and 4 best wholegrain for your babies aside corn

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Mothers are usually advised by medical practitioners to give their babies only breast milk for the first 6 months of their life for essential nutrients, after which they can continue with other solids. Some mothers usually make use of corn, which is a popular whole grain to prepare pap for their babies while others normally buy refined cereal mixtures. Many people are not aware that embedded in a wholegrain are bran, germ and endosperm which are essential for health while refined grain components like bran and germ have been removed during processing leaving it with half benefits.

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 It is very important for babies to get their nourishment from whole grains for many reasons some of which are listed below.

1. Wholegrains contain essential vitamins and minerals for babies healthy development.

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2. Wholegrains contain the fibre needed for kids healthy weight gain.

3. It prevents malnourishment as it already contains essential nutrients thereby preventing diseases like kwashiorkor and obesity.

However, there are many wholegrains aside corn that are very nutritious which can be used to prepare pap or porridge for babies.

1. Brown rice

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2. Millet

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3. Whole wheat

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4. Oats

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