Police Officer Fighting For His Life After Massive Beating For Stealing His Lover's Mobile Phone

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A sad incident has been reported today concerning a police officer identified as Harshim Mwenyi and basically he is currently in hospital fighting for his life. It has been reported that Harshim decided to visit his lover in her house and they got into a small disagreement. According to 'Daily Monitor' Harshim suspected that his lover was seeing someone else behind his back and so he decided to ask her about her relationship matters. This later on led to arguments and Harshim took away the lover's phone wanting to view her messages. Harshim made away with the mobile phone and this was when trouble started. It has been reported that the girlfriend started screaming asking for assistance and people thought that she had been robbed. They immediately got hold of the officer who was in civilian attires and they started beating him. He was rescued by other police officers and by then the girlfriend was no where to be seen. It has been reported that at first people thought he was dead but on arrival at the hospital, they noticed that he was still breathing and for now he is battling for his life. Quick recovery.

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