Don't Listen To These Songs If You Don't Want Spiritual Marriages - Prophetess Reveals

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A prophetess who claims she has had one on one dealings with the devil made more controversial revelations while preaching to her congregants.

According to the prophetess, the devil loves romantic affairs hence influences a lot of the youth to do it often because he enjoys watching the act. She explained that Satan himself is married to some human beings and regularly has intimacy with them.

She mentioned popular names like Rihanna and Lady Gaga accusing them of being engaged with the devil hence not advisable to listen to their songs. The prophetess claimed that Rihanna's song "Umbrella" praises the devil's intimacy prowess and all the dance moves in the music video were positions the devil loves during intimate moments with the musician. 

She reiterated that the devil was having a romantic affair with the musician in the music video but because most people don't have spiritual eyes they could not see. Social media users who chanced on the video found the prophetess' claims ridiculous and outrageous.

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