SARS goes after Major League DJs assets to recover millions owed in tax

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We all know that SARS never leaves any stone unturned, and if you are not compliant they will come for you whether you like it or not. Even if you haven't filled your taxes for a couple of years and think that they have forgotten about you, you have another thing coming, instead of forgetting about you they will come for you, and even hit you with penalties.

Thats exactly what happened to the music duo known as major league Dj's, as they are reported to be owing the taxman an amount of about R9 million and the tax man every cent of it. The duo have been playing gigs all around the world raking up payments in Rands, Pounds, Euros and Dollars and they seem to have neglected to deal with their tax affairs on time that is why now they owe the taxman such a large amount.

It has been reported that SARS has put forth an application in the high court to attach to duos assets in order to recoup the money that is owed to them. Here is a break down of how they were able to accumulate such a hefty tax bill.

It is said that they owed SARS over R1.3-million in unpaid company income tax and over R800 000 in additional tax, and the amount here went all the way up to R3.1-million after R900 000 interest was added to the debt.

The duo also owed the taxman over R2.2-million in value-added tax and R1.3-million additional tax. The quantum increased to over R4.8-million when over R1.1-million interests and R56 000 were added.

Major League also owed SARS a total of over R279 000 in unpaid pay-as-you-earn tax but the sum went up to a total of over R740 000 when R290 000 additional tax and R56 000 in penalties were added to it.

The duo also owed SARS a total of R373 000 in unpaid unemployment insurance fund and a total of R680 000 in skills development levy. 


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