I Think He is Just Fed Up And Tired - Franklin Cudjoe Boldly Declares


The President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, has said that he believes President Akufo Addo is just fed up and tired, based on his conclusions on the President's agreement to burning of the seized excavators.

Franklin Cudjoe made this statement via zoom on 'THE BIG ISSUE' on CITI TV yesterday, 29th May 2021, when he gave his opinion on the legal implications of burning the excavators.

According to him, President Akufo Addo is daring people to go to court on the specific issue that if indeed they are engaged in illegal mining, he wonders whether they will have the courage to come to court and say that they were engaged in the trade which was illegal and that their properties have been burnt.

"I think the President is just fed up and tired because it looks as if his trusted advisors on this issue are not helping him at all. That's the conclusion I came to because the law has clearly stated that when these excavators are found on the unlawful ground, they ought to be confiscated, but not burnt." - he said

He added that President Akufo Addo is probably fed up and tired of the fight against galamsey so, he wants everything burnt on-site to save him enough trouble.

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