Just In: KQ flight Carrying Kenyans From India Has Landed At JKIA Some Few Minutes to 5AM


A Kenya Airways flight that is believed to be carrying Kenyans from India that had been stranded has just landed this morning at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The flight which departed from Mumbai, Chatrapati Shivaji international Airport at 1:08 Am, landed two minutes earlier as expected. The plane used a total of six hours five minutes from India to Kenya.

It is not yet clear if the people on bord will be placed on compulsory quarantine or will be left to interact with other Kenyans. In the past few days India has been on the headlines after it was badly hit by the third wave of the covid 19 virus. India has broken the world record of death tolls per day.

Statistics show that one person dies in every minute. Hospitals in India are full and no longer admit new patients. The high number of deaths has caused panic all over the world. This has made many Kenyans question the ministry of health together with the government on why they have decided to take a risk of allowing Kenyans from a hot spot country back home.

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