Opinion|| Zungu's Move To Align Himself With Corruption Charged Politician Will Tarnish His Image

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Sandile Zungu attended a faction that backs Zandile Gumede but denied that he is taking any side ahead of the eThekwini ANC conference.

Claims have been making rounds that Sandile Zungu endorsed the Zandile Gumede campaign before the eThekwini elective conference which is expected to take place soon, but Zungu maintains that he is not taking any side. Zungu was recorded in a video where he was singing a Zulu song that said "If need be, let the fight begin, Zandile are you afraid of them?" The KwaZulu-Natal factions are engaging in final campaigns ahead of the elective conference beginning Friday.

The video was recorded during a gathering of Gumede's supporters who met privately in eThekwini to conduct what is known as the ANC headcount this is done to test the strength of the faction ahead of the elective conference. The song which Zungu was seen singing claims that he is preparing to fight the Thabani Nyawose faction, Zungu is a chairperson of the AmaZulu Football club a historic team that ties with the Zulu Monarch. Zungu is believed to have joined the ranks of Zandile Gumede.

The ANC KwaZulu-Natal region is having its elective conference this weekend in Durban. Two oppositions one led by Thabani Nyawose and another led by Zandile Gumede are fighting for power. This has led to factionalism and safekeeping to have decimated the region. It has also been revealed that the faction led by Thabani Nyawose is being backed by Ramaphosa and the one for Zandile is being backed by the RET faction whose father is former President Jacob Zuma.

The spokesperson for Gumede's faction refused to comment about Zungu and only said that the writing is on the wall. Ntando Khuzwayo further said that she will not disclose the venue of the gathering and its purpose and only Zungu can comment on that. Thus when Zungu said that he is not taking any side. He only said that his appearance was only for unity within the ANC and that it should rebuild trust among the communities so that a decisive victory can be made in 2024.

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