Djokovic Test Positive To Coronavirus, see in details.


Serbian expert tennis player who is as of now positioned world No.1 in men's singles tennis Novak Djokovic has tried constructive for the lethal coronavirus subsequent to coming into contact with a contaminated individual during a tennis competition he composed in his nation of origin.

As indicated by media reports, Djokovic dismissed the social separation request set up by the administration and proceeded to sort out a tennis competition with his associates which saw countless tennis sweethearts in participation.

The world number tennis star was vigorously censured for his activities which prompted the suspension of the game after one of the players tried positive for the infection. Detecting peril among them, Djokovic made a striking stride stepping through an exam which additionally came out positive.

He reported his disease in an extensive proclamation which he shared to the present reality.


The second we showed up in Belgrade we went to be tried. My outcome is certain, similarly as Jelena's, while the aftereffects of our youngsters are negative.

All that we did in the previous month, we did with an unadulterated heart and earnest expectations. Our competition intended to join together and share a message of solidarity and sympathy all through the locale.

The Tour has been intended to help both set up and best in class tennis players from South-Eastern Europe to access some serious tennis while the different visits are waiting due to Covid-19.

It was brought into the world with a charitable thought, to coordinate every brought subsidize towards individuals up out of luck and it made me feel great inside to perceive how everyone emphatically reacted.

We sorted out the competition when the infection has debilitated, accepting the conditions for facilitating the Tour had been met.

Lamentably, this infection is as yet present, and it is another reality we are figuring out how to adapt and live to. I am trusting things will ease with time so we would all be able to continue experience the manner in which they were.

I am incredibly upset for every individual instance of contamination. I trust it won't entangle anybody's wellbeing circumstance and everybody will be fine.

I will stay in self-isolation for the following 14 days, and rehash the test in five days.