Today UEFA Nations league fixtures

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The UEFA Nations league is back to action after a one day break.

The last game of the group stages of the UEFA Nations league played on Sunday.

Let's see who wins who......

There are two fixtures today that will be very hot.

That is the match between Croatia and Portugal and the clash between Spain and Germany.

Portugal are the defending champions of this league and will be hoping to win today's match after a one nil defeat to France at home on Sunday.

The current champions of the UEFA Nations league are also second in their group table.

France who will clash against Sweden on home soil are on top on their table.

And will be hoping for a great win over the Swiss to continue to top the table.

Today there are actions again between the following

Croatia 19:45 Portugal 

France 19:45 Sweden 

Gibraltar 19:45 L'stein 

Luxembourg 19:45 Azerbaijan 

Malta 19:45 Faroe Island

Montenegro 19:45 Cyprus 

Spain 19:45 Germany 

Switzerland 19:45 Ukraine 

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