Why the Nissan Fuga is not so popular in Kenya.

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The Nissan Fuga is an executive sedan that has been in production since 2004. This vehicle is also known as the infinity M or Q70. It is very stylish and sporty. It has a naturally aspirated engine that produces a maximum power of 280Ps at 6200 rpm. It also has a fuel efficiency of 11 km/L. A brand new Nissan Fuga costs 3 million kenyan shillings. This vehicle is very good for anyone who would want a car that is luxurious.

Even though this car looks good and stylish, it doesn't seem to be very popular in Kenya since a few people know of its existence. This is mainly because this car is not that reliable as it has a ton of problems. Most people always avoid it because of transmission problems. Other problems included: door malfunctining, dashboard melting, factory radio coming out and engine problems. Apart from these there are also some problems with the interior accessories.

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