Scandal: The new family (Khubekas) step into a very dangerous trap

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Scandal : The khubekas step into a dangerous trap

The new family that joined scandala at the beginning of September seems to bring nothing but trouble.

It al started with death of Quintin, after crashing into NFH building leaving people in tears. With the killer going free, the Khubekas do whatever it takes to protect on of their own.

The Khubekas paid caiphus to take the fall for Zenzele Khubekas but little did they know that Dintle will start questioning caiphus only to find out the Khubekas are hiding something.

JoJo is in the dark but Dintle will Soon change that as they both plot to go and visit Caiphus. Zenzele knows that JoJo plans to visit Caiphus. How will Zenzele try to prevent JoJo from visiting.

Dintle's Questions have started to create distrust in the Khubekas family. They will soon step into trap set by Dintle and JoJo. We hope the truth comes out.


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