More Photos of the man who raped his 3 year old daughter while his wife was in labour room (Picture)


A 43 year old man known as Mr Ikechukwu Ekenta was arrested for raping his 3 year old daughter by name Kamsiyochukwu Ekenta.

According to the little girl, she said the man put his komkom into her private part and it woke her up with a very sharp pain.

When the man was interviewed, he said he was pushed by the devil to rape his 3 year old daughter. According to him, when the spirit comes he would start behaving abnormally and that fateful day he used his fingers to defile his daughter.

According to the mother of the child, she said she noticed that when she ret6urned from the hospital, the girl usually complains of pains whenever she is bathing her. Upon questioning her, she discovered her husband raped her.

She complained to her husband's family but they threatened to deal with her if she speaks about it.

It was a good Samaritan that helped her with it.

The man has been arrested and the 3 year old child is currently receiving treatments.

Below are more photos of the man who raped his 3 year old daughter while his wife was in labor room

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