Mutula, Wetangula Brings The Senate to a Standstill, Gives The Following Demands to BBI Promoters


Makueni county senator Hon Mutula Kilonzo Junior and his Bungoma County counterpart Hon Moses Wetangula have today brought the senate assembly to a Standstill after issuing the following tough demands to BBI Promoters.

Speaking during a special BBI Debate sitting, Hon Wetangula has demanded that hard copies of the Building Bridges Initiative report be given to each member present in the house to enable them to read and understand what they are debating upon. According to Wetangula, it will only take members three hours to go through the document and understand it.

Senator Moses Wetangula: “We request for hard copies of the document and at least two to three hours to read the document. "

Hon Mutula Kilonzo Junior also shouldered Wetangula's argument claiming that it is the only way to debunk the negative things that are being said about BBI on social media platforms.

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior: “The only way to debunk the things that have been circulating in the media, is to allow these members to read the report. ”


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