'The shame, I Can't Even Face People' The Girl Accused For Sleeping With Andrew Kibe Opens Up


Andrew Kibe is a Kenyan Media personality who has worked with Kenyan top radio stations such as NRG and Kiss 100 where he hosted the morning kiss show with Kamene Goro.

Andrew Kibe left Kiss 100 and started his own Radio station called Rogue Radio. He was Kamene Best friend however Kamene Goro confirmed that the two grew apart and are no longer friends.

Andrew Kibe was accused in January by Blogger Edgar Obare known to be the Kenyan tea master of luring young girls others being minors by sleeping with them and paying them peanuts.

Edgar Obare fans identified one highschool girl by the name Mitchell who was spotted hanging with Andrew Kibe yet she is a student. Blogger Obare tried to reach out Mitchell to give her side of the story unfortunately he received no response.

Today, Mitchell responded to Blogger Edgar Obare since she has been in school. Mitchell revealed she is a 17 year old girl. Mitchell also asked for advice from Edgar Obare since whatever she did always makes her cry everyday and the shame after the expose her not able to face anyone. Below are screenshots of Mitchell.

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