Bad News To KPLC Post-Paid Customers, After The Company Announced This


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Kenya power and lightning company through its managing director, has issued a notice to post - paid customers that they risk being disconnected if they fail to clear their outstanding arrears.

Many houses have adopted the new system of using tokens but other houses are still using the post paid meters which has resulted to huge accumulative outstanding bills.

The company urged many kenyans to shift to the new system in order to avoid the process of reconnecting electricity which requires a fee even after clearing the bill.

The company also sent a strong warning to rogue customers who reconnected their account themselves adding that they risk attracting a fine of Ksh 1million or a jail term of not less than 1 year if they are found guilty.

This comes after the company announced a crackdown on notorious regions that have illegal power connections and further sucked more than 200 of its employees who were found guilty of helping in the illegal connections.

Some of the notorious regions include Nairobi and Kisii which have recorded the highest number of illegal connections.