Are they normal? Parents spotted cheering at children who were doing matured things

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The major responsibilities of parents are to protect, raise and bring out the best in their children. They must lead their children to the right path knowing, accepting, obeying, fearing and loving God.

But what am seeing nowadays, it's like they are doing the opposite. Parents sometimes let go off certain things because they claim they love their children forgetting what they are doing to their children's future.

If a child makes an unintentional mistake, it's okay to forgive and warn. But when it repeats itself, the child must be disciplined. Sometimes canning is not the only discipline, talking and advising may also help. Anyway, let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Looking at the picture above, I guess you know what's going on already. It was the birthday of the young boy the young girl in the picture above.

His parents organised a small party and after that, they cleared the place and started dancing. No one knows when and how but this was what the children were doing.

They were doing matured things but instead of the parents to stop them, they were happily cheering at them. If such thing is that at this age, then what does the future hold. And it's surprising they had multiple positions also.

The head of the family being the father was happily laughing and cheering them on. The second to the head being the mother was also happily doing same as the head.

An elder sister was also present and she was also doing same. Other kids seemed not to be comfortable with that so stood there watching in disgust since they had no option.

Are the parents normal at all? What are your thoughts and say in this?

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