Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters members are chasing away foreigners in their own country

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It is now seems like it is not only South Africans whom are crying out loud with the domination of the foreigners in their country but also some African countries.

Namibians in Namibia have now taken power into their own hands, doing exactly what the Operation Dudula in South Africa is doing. They are chasing away foreigners in their townships, demanding that Namibians must be put first.

What is Shocking more is that the Economic Freedom Fighters in Namibia is the one leading the processes while the Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa don't want to hear anything about chasing foreigners.

It has been reported that, "Joseph Mungandjela said when youth want to create something for themselves, the government stops them. He was speaking at Windhoek’s Chinatown amid a police operation sparked by the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters shutting down businesses yesterday."

Comments :

"Namibians must come first in their country or else the country must be shut down."


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